• sales and marketing

Job Reference: IT sales specialist
Position Description:

• the first area involves supporting pre-sales activities by giving detailed information about technical specifications and the ways in which they could meet a customer's needs, often demonstrating those features before a sale;
• the actual sale involves negotiating a commercial agreement to the benefit of both customer and supplier;
• technical support, which follows the sale, may include solving faults and problems, or maximizing the use of software features, as well as advising on appropriate user training.

Position Type: Permanent
Location: SDS,Cairo
Job Considerations: The role requires significant interaction with clients which may be face-to-face or over the telephone. Typical work activities include:
• understanding customers' diverse, specific business needs and applying product knowledge to meet those needs;
• ensuring quality of service by developing a thorough and detailed knowledge of technical specifications and other features of employers' systems;
• identifying and developing new business through networking, and courtesy and follow-up calls;
• cold-calling in order to create interest in products and services and generate new business leads;
• reviewing progress and identifying opportunities for further sales and new areas for development;
• designing and delivering customer presentations articulately and confidently;
• marketing and promoting a portfolio of products by writing and designing sales literature;
• maintaining awareness and keeping abreast of constantly changing software, hardware systems and peripherals;
• developing effective sales plans utilizing sales methodology;
• providing technical advice to customers on all aspects of the installation and use of computer systems and networks, both before and after the sale;
• advising on software features and how they can be applied to assist in a variety of contexts, such as accounting, health or other specialist areas;
• meeting sales targets set by managers and contributing to team targets;
• networking with existing customers in order to maintain links and promote products;
• providing support to customers, often on a helpline, offering clear advice and solutions wherever possible;
• handling hardware or software problems and faults and referring on to specialist technical colleagues;
• assisting customers to maximize their use of the hardware or software in order to support the success of their business;
• writing technical proposals, tenders, reports and supporting literature;
• managing your own diary in order to organize and priorities daily and weekly goals;
• contributing to team or progress meetings to update and inform colleagues.
Experience up to 2 years