Manage Your Files With AutoEDMS

Key Features of AutoEDMS

Single solution for all of your files with built-in viewing & printing for more than 200 file types

Multi Language Support (Arabic, English, ..)

Easy and Secure File Access and Sharing

  • Standalone, LAN, WAN

  • Field locations can revise central files

  • Remote users have easy view/print access

  • Provide document publishing over your Intranet/Extranet

Easy to Customize and implement

  • Built-in Form Builder

  • ACL Script language

  • Works with all Windows programs

  • Supports Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP

Secured File Management

Built-in check-in/check-out Automatic Archiving

Client/server database manages all types of files and requires zero administration.

Automated Transmittals and Email integration.

Built-in Report Generator.

ODBC Complaint for integration with other databases.

AutoEDMS Forms & Databases

  • AutoEDMS database represents the controlled documents (files)

  • Forms are user-defined 'windows' to the AutoEDMS database.

  • Data (database) is managed by the Btrieve or P.SQL database management system.

  • Forms and databases are designed by QwikForm.