Efficient and compliant document management

The Claromentis Document Manager application provides end-to-end document life-cycle management tools, enabling collaborative document creation and providing easy user-access options to enhance enterprise-wide efficiency. In addition, sophisticated management, tracking and control mechanisms support compliance processes. Fully integrated with other business applications within the Claromentis Framework, it is accessible through the Claromentis Portal environment.

Effective management

Powerful features help companies to organize their documents efficiently and manage document life cycles to ensure legislative compliance.

  • Import tools

  • Document import functionality includes filtering tools, and automatic unzipping to enable bulk uploads. In addition, the Claromentis File Upload Utility is a client-based tool that enables users to upload large files quickly and efficiently.

  • Categorizing and organizing customizable metadata:

  • Define optimal metadata (such as keywords, descriptions or language) for each record type to make it easier for users to search for the documents they need.

    Resource manager: Control which documents can be accessed by users from which applications at key process stages.


    Include comments that can be viewed by users accessing document folders.

    Document linking: Link a single document to multiple file locations. When updates are required, they only need to be made once rather than in multiple copies of the document.

  • Security

  • The permissions structure provided within the Claromentis Framework enables administrators to give read or edit access to selected individuals for particular documents. In addition, Claromentis Document Manager has built-in support for MD5 hashing and digital signatures to ensure sensitive documents are kept secure.

  • Backup tool

  • Automatic incremental backups can be set to take place daily or weekly, providing peace of mind that documents can be easily restored if necessary.

  • Automatic disposal management

  • To help manage disposal at the end of the document life cycle, automatic workflows can be configured, supported by integrated functionality within the Claromentis Framework. Typical disposal workflows include scheduled alerts reminding document owners of expiry dates, and automatic submission of disposal authorizations to administrators.

  • Reporting

  • Comprehensive reporting functionality includes document inventory, import/export outcome and storage structure reports. In addition, document audits providing the revision history or disposal details of a particular document are available to support compliance management.

Collaborative creation

Sophisticated editing management features support collaborative document creation.

  • Customizable view and edit rights

  • Using the sophisticated permissions structure within the Claromentis Framework, document owners can specify which users can view and edit individual documents.

  • Notification & Alerts

  • A tool that enables users to send a document reminder, and receive notification as an instant message and/or by email when files or documents are updated.

  • Check-in/check-out

  • Check in/check out functionality ensures that only one user can update a document at a time, avoiding version duplication.

  • Version control and revision history

  • A fully traceable record is made of all revisions to provide comprehensive version control.

  • Automated document workflows

  • Supported by integrated functionality within the Claromentis Framework, automated editing workflows can be configured to streamline the editing management process and facilitate approvals management across multiple users. Typical workflows may include a notification alert being sent to a particular user group when a document is ready for review, and routing options depending on user decisions.

Easy user access

  • Searching

  • Powerful search functionality enables users to search through document contents as well as metadata, providing fast, detailed results. In addition, built-in optical character recognition (OCR) technology allows users to search through the contents of scanned documents, including images and faxes.

  • Image library

  • Automatic thumbnail generation and picture-box functionality provides users with a quick and easy way to view images before downloading them. This is an ideal application for image libraries, and can also be used for digital asset management.

  • Bookmarks

  • Users can bookmark important or frequently-used documents, enabling them to find the document quickly and easily at a later date.

  • Download cart

  • For efficient working users can check required documents into a download cart for bulk download when they are ready.