Core networking

SDS provides Core networking solutions, for small, medium-sized and enterprise companies. These solutions are based upon building the core routing and switching network of the company, while providing resiliency, fault tolerance and flexibility for future expansion on the Local Area or Wide Area networks.

WAN: A Wide Area Network is needed to connect remote/branch offices to the main office to share business applications such as IP Telephony, file sharing, client-server applications and e-mail.

LAN: A Local Area Network is the internal network of the company, on which a majority of the applications as well as the internal users reside. The LAN infrastructure can be wired or wireless.

Wireless LAN: solutions using Cisco Aironet or Linksys products where a mesh of wireless access point is configured and installed on the network to provide coverage for the desired area.

Cisco’s lightweight Wireless LAN: A new wireless technology which provides enhanced security and traffic inspection and does not require to individually configure every AP in the network by centralizing all the configurations on a Wireless controller and by pushing these configuration to the access points.

Marking Systems (HandHeld Solutions)

With the pace of innovation heating up, companies that embed greater intelligence in their business processes at the point of action, improve performance and reduce costs. SDS MS gives your enterprise the power of mobility. We work with you to combine the right products, applications and services to solve your real-world business problems, in the warehouse, on the production line, at a customer site, on the retail floor, at a patient's beside in a hospital or en route to make a customer delivery.