Tailored workflow solutions to fit your organization

Claromentis Process Manager solutions combine Claromentis software and world-class business process management expertise to provide tailored solutions for your organization. Applications and tools within the Claromentis Framework power automatic workflows that are trackable and web-based, increasing productivity, ensuring compliance and improving efficiency.

Business process management expertise

Experienced consultants from Claromentis Consulting services provide business process management expertise to help companies identify ways in which process workflow automation can add value to their business.

During workshop sessions and site visits, Claromentis consultants help organizations to:

  • Evaluate areas of improvement for key business processes.

  • Put in place a sound implementation plan.

  • Develop strategies for helping staff and external partners to manage the transition.

Cutting-edge technology

Claromentis Process Manager solutions use the Claromentis InfoCapture tool, as well as leveraging the state-of-the-art business applications and collaboration tools within the Claromentis Framework, to provide automatic web-based workflows for optimum process efficiency. Typical workflow solutions may incorporate the following functionality:

  • E-forms

  • The Claromentis Infocapture tool provides e-form functionality to automate information capture and transfer processes within organizations.

  • Notifications

  • Automatic e-mail or instant messages can be sent to one or more individuals at key stages in the process, to request information, provide notification of imminent events, or request approvals.

Creating business value

Claromentis Process Manager solutions can help companies to work more effectively. Automated workflows support collaboration, reduce errors and increase productivity for smart, efficient working. In addition, fully traceable approval trails increase accountability and minimize compliance risk.

Typical scenarios include the following:

  • Help desk

  • An ITIL compliant solution that fully supports service level agreements.

  • Change management

  • Change requests are submitted by employees and routed to authorized personnel for approval, enabling managers to control the change process.

  • Corporate travel

  • Employee travel requirements are automatically submitted to an external travel agency. Once the agency has provided costs to the employee's line manager for approval, it must wait to receive automatic notification of his or her approval before going ahead and making the travel arrangements, enabling the manager to keep control of travel expenditure.

  • New hire process

  • A comprehensive solution that manages the entire employee induction process. This can incorporate the allocation of facilities such as telephones and network resources, set up of briefing meetings, and the provision of relevant company information as well as access to policies and procedures, ensuring the new employee is welcomed efficiently and becomes an effective contributor as fast as possible.

  • Purchase order approvals

  • Line managers automatically receive their teams purchase order requests for approval subject to the amount and the line manager's spending authority. Once approved, the Accounts department is automatically notified and the total is deducted from the team's budget to avoid over-expenditure.