Claromentis Enterprise Content Management Software

Create, edit, collaborate, publish

Offering comprehensive and user-friendly tools for creating, updating and publishing web pages, the Claromentis Enterprise Content Manager application provides everything you need to manage your own dynamic Intranet, Extranet and public web resources � without relying on expertise from external agencies. Fully integrated with other business applications within the Claromentis Framework, it is accessible through the Claromentis Portal environment.

Professional-looking content

A range of powerful content creation tools enable you to create professional-looking, dynamic websites:

  • Web-based template manager

  • Enables designers to upload and access web-page templates for fast and straightforward web-page creation.

  • Menu and breadcrumb trail builder

  • Constructs menus and breadcrumb trails automatically, based on website structure. Designers can choose from a range of customizable styles.

  • Customizable header tags

  • Enables designers to customize header tags, ensuring optimum clarity and user accessibility, as well as enhancing search engine rankings for public pages.

  • 'Check reference' function

  • Runs an automatic check on all references to eliminate the risk of 'dead links'.

  • 'Move and copy' function

  • Enables easy replication of content on other websites.

  • Internal search engine

  • Provides quick and easy search capability within a specific website.

  • XML site map

  • Automatically generates a site map from the website structure, helping to optimize search engine rankings.

  • Integration with external information sources

  • Support for plug-ins and custom scripts enables designers to pull content from external data sources.

User-friendly editing tools

Sophisticated editing management features support collaborative document creation.

  • Spell checker.

  • Font and text formatting.

  • Cut and paste and undo and redo functionality.

  • Automatic link creation.

  • Advanced table creation and editing functionality.

  • Image insertion support.

  • The page editor tool supports XHTML 1.0 and CSS2 and is compatible with Internet Explorer 6, Safari and Firefox web browsers.

Controlled collaboration

Editing management features support collaboration, while ensuring you remain in control of the content creation process:

  • Customizable view and edit rights

  • Using the sophisticated permissions structure within the Claromentis Framework, administrators can specify which users can view and edit individual web pages.

  • Check in/check out tool

  • Check in/check out functionality ensures that only one user can update a page at a time, avoiding version duplication.

  • Version control and revision history

  • A fully traceable record is made of all revisions to provide comprehensive version control.

  • Page approval workflow

  • Once edits have been made to a web page, users with approval rights receive automatic notification that the page is ready for their approval. This streamlines the editing process and eliminates unauthorized publishing.

Flexible publishing

Flexible publishing options help ensure that web content is accessible by the right people at the right time.

  • Permission-based and public-access web pages

  • Both permission-based and public-access web-page publishing is supported by Claromentis Enterprise Content Manager. This enables companies to present a consistent brand and user experience throughout Intranet, Extranet and Internet pages.

  • Multiple website publishing

  • Claromentis Enterprise Content Manager supports the management and publishing of multiple Intranet, Extranet or Internet sites. Websites can be hosted on the same server or on multiple external servers.

  • Scheduling

  • Web page content can be scheduled for publishing and expiry at set times. This feature is particularly useful for time-sensitive company announcements or sales promotions.

  • Reporting

  • Robust reporting tools enable publishers to find out key website traffic statistics, as well as identifying which pages have not been updated within a set time period.